What To Expect From A Car Service In Australia

There is no shortage of opportunities to find a place to take your car for a service, be it a car service chain or a local car dealership. While car dealerships may be able to offer a specialized service for your vehicle, it is a common misconception that you must return to the same dealer for each service. Some offer competitive prices and perks to entice you to them, others don’t. 

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If you are not interested in mechanics, it can be difficult to understand the car service, but it is understandable that you want to have understanding when you guide your car through the mechanics. You want to know what happened to the car while it was there and how you can be sure that it will return in a functional and safe state.

The best way to understand what will happen to your car at the next service is to read the owner’s manual, which details the requirements for each service. Your car’s logbook should outline what is in the car and tell you what to wait for and when. 

In addition to the specifications and the operating instructions, there are often additional tasks to be done that you have to do yourself. In other words, never assume that the work listed in the owner’s manual is the only work required on that day.

You can ask the Service Center to send you a list of all the work to be done, or you can contact your local Service Center for more information.

Service List

  • Change oil and oil filter (dirty oil impairs the operation of the car
  • Check the brakes. Measure the depth of your brake pads, measure the reaction time of the brake fluid and refill brake fluids if necessary
  • Test the air conditioner to make sure it works efficiently and test it regularly.
  • Measure steering, suspension and response time with tests of steering and suspension response times.
  • Ensure visibility (if the lamp does not work, it must be replaced, and if it does not work, it should be retested every two years).
  • Check the air filter (it may need cleaning or replacement, even with a small service) and check the exhaust system (air conditioning, air freshener and air conditioning).
  • A small service can be relatively fast and only take about an hour and a half, but depending on the make and model of the car it can also be relatively inexpensive.
  • Check all external motor belts and hoses
  • Check the condition of the battery
  • Coolant check
  • Tyre and Tyre pressure test

It can also be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the owner’s manual and request a list of work required to complete the job, so that you can compare it with the work completed and see where the problem areas are in the car.
You can then request records of the work done This way you understand what you need from your car and how much it costs.
The service will differ from the above depending on what type of car you drive and what type and performance your vehicle has, as well as the level of performance.