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6 Ways To Improve Car Fuel Efficiency & Save Money

The fuel prices are rising day by day. There is barely any drop in the prices. If at all they drop the difference is less than a penny. In a time like this, it’s essential to maximize the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. There are several ways to do so, but here, we bring you 6 ways of improving fuel efficiency as well as save money at the same time.

1. Check Inflation of the tires 

Yes, you heard that right. We generally neglect to check the pressure of our car tires. But surprisingly, if your tires are well inflated, it can save up to 3% of your fuel consumption, as they roll out friction by almost 5%. The recommended pressure ranges from 30-35 PSI(Pounds per Square Inch). 1PSI of air is lost per month, on an average. So keeping the tires inflated must be kept in mind.

2. Reduce idle time

Reducing the time for which your vehicle stands idle plays an extremely vital role in improving your fuel efficiency and also saving money. An Idle car wastes a significant amount of fuel. But this wastage can be restrained by following some elementary steps. For example, if you’re standing in front of a traffic light and the timer is above 30 seconds. Switching your engine off could save some amount of fuel for you.

3. Reduce using AC 

car ac vents

Try to elude the usage of AC(Air Conditioner) when you’re out for a stop-and-go city drive, as it causes the engine to work hard and consume more fuel. However, the car offers better mileage when the AC is on, and the windows rolled up, at highway speeds(60-80 kmph).  Studies have proven it.

4. Accelerate gently with moderate throttle

Increasing pressure eventually on the accelerator is one of the most important aspects of improving fuel efficiency. If you throttle excessively, it causes the engine to work at a higher RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), which uses more of your fuel. This may also lead to severe damage in the engine. So accelerating slowly may save you some amount of money.

5. Drive at the highest possible gear 

car gearbox

This may feel a bit difficult in the beginning, but as you become comfortable, it will surely be remarkably helpful in improving fuel efficiency. A vehicle travelling at 80 kmph would consume 25% more fuel in the third gear than it would do in the fifth. Driving at a higher speed but with lower gears would damage your vehicle and also would loot a compelling amount of money. 

6. Maintenance 

Lastly, comes the most basic but yet the most crucial aspect of improving fuel efficiency and saving money. Maintenance, most of us think that maintaining a vehicle is not that important, and it can be done anytime without any regularity. But it does not work out in that way. Servicing your car, after every 300kms it covers is extremely important. This includes many fundamental changes, such as engine oil, brake oil, coolant, battery check-up. All that collectively makes up the performance of the vehicle.


These were some of our observations on how could you save your money and also boost fuel efficiency. If you follow these elementary steps, you will surely earn a couple of extra kilometres on the way.